About me

Born at the west coast in Falkenberg Sweden. Some important years: 

  • 1987 - My brother bought a C64. I got interested of it and start to programming it. 
  • 1988 - Bought my first Amiga, a A500. The following years I also had A2000, A3000 and A4000. 
  • 1997 - Quit work for studying fulltime. 
  • 1998 - Start study computer science at Halmstad University 
  • 2001 - Met my wife from Nedervetil, Finland. 
  • 2003 - Got my degree, moved to Finland.  Our daughter was born.
  • 2004 - Got married.
  • 2005 - Started to work as Delphi developer at Ahola Transport
  • 2009 - Our team at Ahola Transport founded an own company, Attracs.
Now living in Nedervetil, Finland with my wife and our 8 year old daughter.

Email roland.bengtsson [at] gmail.com
Skypeid berocoder
FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/bero001