Saturday, June 12, 2010

The first post about Bold

So this blog is about Bold for Delphi. There is a lot of developers that knows Delphi and using it for development. But I am still amazed that so few programmers are not aware of modeldriven development. I started to work with Delphi and Bold Sep 2005. Soon I realize the potential with this language and framework. Here you have the power of object orientation with Delphi and RAD development. That in combination with object orientation also to the persistence or the database.

Traditionally programmers has used SQL to communicate with a database to load and store data. Sure it works, but when the complexity grows it is easy to get a nightmare when fixing bugs or adding new features. By using Bold for Delphi as framework the productivity is increased a lot (I have heard 10 times as effective). You handle data an the database and the model as objects and this way you can take much more complex situations compared to the traditional way.

Bold use an UML model and OCL to read data from database. Maintenance is easy, just change the model, apply the generated database script to the database and start coding the changes. You don't need SQL, but you can of course still use it if you really wants.