Saturday, July 20, 2013

Future for Bold ?

Many may wonder what happened after my petition ? Well, the discussion with Embarcadero is not dead. There are now 176 supporters on the petition and I am still hopeful that we reach a solution for this issue.

Because it is an issue for: 
  1. For those developers that still use Bold in old but important applications. They are forced to stay with an old Delphi version. Many have chosen to leave Delphi for more active development platforms.
  2. For the whole Delphi community that are not aware what a great ORM framework Bold is. For the right type of application ORM and Bold is a really timesaver.
  3. For Embarcadero that miss those Delphi licenses if those customers above would update.
  4. For my employer Attracs as we may need developers with Bold experience. It is not easy to find these days.
I have promised Embarcadero to not reveal any details, but there have been discussions with Embarcadero about how we should continue with Bold. In the meantime I collected some links of Bold resources. Mostly where people mention Bold and what they want it to be. Yes I know I am involved in many discussions... :)

Blogs and forums
Other resources

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