Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Voices from the petition

I just want to highlight some of the comments from petition.

  • I am looking for MDD framework for delphi, there is none like Bold. Other frameworks are just in its infancy. Please release Bold source.
  • We need sources for certification.
  • I use it for development and is stuck with Delphi 5...
  • As Developer find no support/update for Bold
  • We need a good framework like BOLD in this language. Release it as opensource , so a new guy in Delphi like me could use it and the community can improve it. It'll be an advantage for Delphi.
  • I am used this framework. And I liked it/
  • Trying to resurrect old code in D7 that needs this ancient software.
  • I like this Framework. Let go Bold it's way.
  • We've a lot good old apps using bold as it's main technologie and to be up-to-date, we had to rewritte all things from scratch...which is a very bad idea...(time consuming). Bold as opensource and compatible with the latest version of Delphi (unicode) would be a great step into the future...
  • I have products that sadly still cannot be upgraded to current Delphi from d7.
  • We are short of tools like Bold
  • Want to invest in learning this MDA framework, since it is the only one I know that actually succeeds in raising the abstraction level of the design work.
  • I have developed Bold Applications that are now locked into Delphi 7. If there is no future to Bold these systems will be moved to Visual Studio with ECO and I will be leaving the team.
  • I write an application which depends on Bold and cannot upgrade to XE2 because the work in re-writing the application without Bold is too large.

So obviously there is still a huge interest for Bold. 194 users signed petitions.

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