Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Bold will be open source !!!

 Wow, I have never been so excited about a sentence in a blog post.

I started eight years ago trying to convince Embarcadero that open source is the only way to move forward. I created a petition about it Thanks for those that signed it and make attention to Embarcadero. And today I see this blog

This summer we will also open source the code base of Bold, which is a sort of low code solution for RAD Studio. We have a passionate group of Delphi community experts who will take that effort forward.

We have our Bold source in a private repository and can contribute anytime. It has been in production for 17 years now. We make continuous bugfixes and optimizations in the source. Sometimes also new features. Currently, we are using Delphi 10.3 Rio but will soon switch to 10.4 Sydney.

If you are a Bold developer or maybe just interested in model-driven development you can send a message to me at  roland.bengtsson(at) with questions or thoughts. But the first and most important move, to wait for Embarcadero publish to the source 

Roland Bengtsson


  1. Well done, looking forward to seeing this.

  2. It's here

  3. Well done! Are you guys planning on updating pushing some of these changes and updates (especially regarding Unicode transition) into the main Github repo? Cheers

  4. That is so cool, nerver used bold, but would really like to - we just dont use < Delphi2009.

  5. I must say this warms my heart! Thanks for keeping the fire burning!